Trait for AngularJS Module styles signatures.

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// Define:

class MyModule {

  use \Webfan\ngModuleTrait;


$module = new MyModule ;

$module ->controller([function MyControllerName($injected1, $injected2){ ... }], $injectFrom1, $injectFrom2);


$module ->config([function ($injected1, $injected2){ ... }], $injectFrom1, $injectFrom2);


$module ->myCustomBlockName([function ($injected1, $injected2){ ... }], $injectFrom1, $injectFrom2);


$module($MyBlocksProcessorCallable, 'config');


\call_user_func_array($MyBlocksProcessorCallable, ['config',$module, array $ModuleBlocks);

... on each 'config' block/config-block-callable.

You can dynamically use any not declared block-name.

Status: No tests passed/tested.

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