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For the management of hosts and gateways on the Internet a data
structure for the information has been defined.  This data structure
should be used with any of several possible management protocols, such
as the "Simple Network Management Protocol" (SNMP) [RFC1157], or the
"Common Management Information Protocol over TCP" (CMOT) [RFC1095].

The data structure is the "Structure and Identification of Management
Information for TCP/IP-based Internets" (SMI) [RFC1155], and the
"Management Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-based
Internets" (MIB-II) [RFC1213].

The SMI includes the provision for parameters or codes to indicate
experimental or private data structures.  These parameter assignments
are listed here.

The older "Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol" (SGMP) [RFC1028] also
defined a data structure.  The parameter assignments used with SGMP
are included here for historical completeness.

The network management object identifiers are under the iso (1), org
(3), dod (6), internet (1), or, branch of the name space.

1.3 is listed below as "org" in accordance with RFC 1157.  In the OID 
specification, ITU-T recommendation X.660, the ASN.1 notation for 1.3 
is "identified-organization".

1                   iso
1.3                 org
1.3.6               dod             internet           directory           mgmt         mib-2 ifType      transmission   transmissionppp      application      mta         pib           experimental           private         enterprise           security           SNMPv2         snmpDomains         snmpProxys         snmpModules           mail           features

Subordinate objects

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Alternative Identifiers

(No PIX allowed)
OIDplus Information Object Application Identifier (ISO/IEC 7816) More information
guid:5912e35b-4a11-8000-9068-ee4fa5d43fedOIDplus Information Object Custom UUID (RFC4122bis) More information
mac:92-06-B7-D1-F0-E3OIDplus Information Object MAC address, Unicast (AAI)
mac:93-06-B7-D1-F0-E3OIDplus Information Object MAC address, Multicast (AAI)
oid: Information Object OID
x500dn:/​dc=com/​dc=example/​cn=oidplus/​​ Information Object X.500 DN

REST API (Documentation)

Federated OID Info:

  • Handle: @smi-numbers
  • Entity running this (Meta-)Node:
  • Application this node runs in:

RDAP OID Registrar/Registrant Authortive Service:

Special AltIds

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